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Recycled Paper Bead Single Strand Bracelet


Product details:

  • Multi-colored beads strung on elastic
  • Available in two sizes: 7 inches and 8 inches
  • Finished with a signature Hope Institute of Uganda tag
  • Colors Available: Blue, Red, Yellow, Purple, Multicolor, Pink, Green.

Background: Jewelry in Africa is worn as an adornment, but it is also may announce the status of the wearer.  Ornaments used to enhance physical appearance vary in design and type from group to group, and may include necklaces, chest bands, armlets bracelets, anklets, rings, earrings, combs and hairpins.

Although little is known  of Jewelry in Africa, European travelers in the sixteenth century reported that the y found ornaments made of stones, bones, teeth, shells, ivory, glass beads, gold, silver, and copper alloys.  The most favored and prestigious materials were gold, and copper alloys which were fashioned into decorated ornaments and worn by royalty and other high-ranking members.

This jewelry created by hand-rolling beads from recycled paper, a process that takes about 2 weeks to complete.  The artisans who make the Recycled paper bead jewelry are typically women, and they use the proceeds from the sale of jewelry to provide for basic needs for their families; food, medical care, housing and education.

Thank you for supporting the women of Uganda earn a decent income with this purchase.


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